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Socio-economic Success Story in Mumia, Al-Karak

Nov 25, 2020

An eco-tourism hub was established in the Mumia area near the Karak valley; the centre’s purpose is to manage tourists and serve them by providing lodging, hiking services, and dining through organic and homemade products focusing on the dairy products Al-Karak is known for such as Jameed, & Ghee, as well as seasonal fruits from the valley. The centre will serve the ecosystem in Al-Karak valley by managing the number of tourists and their hikes, encouraging and supporting projects that are related to the environment, tourism, handicrafts, and local heritage. The center aims at protecting the natural heritage in Al-Karak Valley region, and fighting unemployment by creating job opportunities through the organization’s activities and by attracting tourists to the Karak area through the center.

Launching of Ecotourism Hub

MINARET inaugurated the Visitor’s Center (Ecotourism Hub) managed by the Mumia Organization and is now fully operational and started attracting tourists to enjoy the different services and practice hiking in Al Karak Valley.

The construction and renovation of the visitors’ center in Al-Karak included:

  • Lodging, Restaurant, meeting/training hall, Kitchen, Terraces and outdoor camping area, Restrooms
  • Procured all necessary items for operation; rappelling gear, bedding, kitchen utensils, etc…
  • Conducted training in canyoneering and awarded international certifications to 4 staff members.
  • Conducted training for the Manshiyeh Women’s Organization.
  • Provided necessary equipment for the operation of the Manshiyeh Women’s Organization.
  • Collaborated with local women to create local experiences for visitors upon request.
  • Collaborated with local women to produce products for the nature shop in the center.

Launching of Nature Shop

Mumia Falls Cooperative Organization also launched the Nature Shop inside the Visitors’ Center; that sells organic and home-made products supplied by local women of Mumia, like Jameed and the Moringa tea that is rich in its nutritional, health and medical benefits.

Adding Mumia Eco-Tourism Center in Al-Karak on the Jordan Trail

Mumia Eco-Tourism Center in Al-Karak, managed by the Mumia Falls Cooperative Organization, is now added as a side trail of the Jordan Trail under Region 4.

This step was essential in building the capacities of the center in the eco-tourism sector as this will support MINARET’s other efforts in the marketing training and will bring more visitors to the center to experience MINARET’s successful socio-economic activity.

Canyoneering Training in Mumia, Al-Karak in October 2020

As part of rescue and safety training programs to Mumia Eco-Tourism Center in Al-Karak, MINARET provided Canyoneer/Canyon Guide training for Mumia Falls to ensure that Mumia staff will follow the best available safety measures when they deliver hiking and rappelling services to visitors.

The canyon guide training took place at Mumia falls/Wadi Al karak. Seven days of training were

executed (2 days of theoretical training & 5 days of practical training) by iBIX CLIMBING; the only entity in Jordan qualified to deliver Canyoneer training with an internationally recognized certificate.

4 meters artificial wall was bolted using artificial anchors in order to train the trainees on basics climbing and abseiling techniques in the first 2 days of practical training before going to the canyon.

Marketing and Media Campaign to promote Mumia

The Horizons team connected Mumia to tourism operators that cater to local tourists in Jordan such as Jannah.jo, this is being done with the help of connections from Viavii.

The marketing campaign also included:

  • Conducted trainings in marketing, packaging, ecotourism, and gender mainstreaming.
  • Created marketing and business plan.
  • Created social media pages for outreach.
  • Connected the center to local/national tour operators.
  • Created an advertisement for the center that has received significant recognition and admiration.

Tourism operators’ newsletter sent to local tour operators

Mumia Newsletter displayed on JITOA’s website for local tourism operators in Jordan.

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