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Pilot Projects in Monastir Municipality

Lighting Project

Replacement of inefficient lighting system at the Main Building of Monastir Municipality, Central Market in Monastir, Public Squares as well as streets lighting with efficient LED lamps.

Main Building of Monastir Municipality

Central Market in Monastir

400 LED Street Lighting in Monastir – 150 Watts

Arts Square in Monastir

Mausoleum of Bourguiba

Electric car

MINARET provided Monastir Municipality with an electric car with fast charging station powered by 20 KWp off-grid PV system with storage.

MINARET delivered a Brand New Electric Car (Zero Fuel Consumption) for the benefit of the Municipality of Monastir; the first car of its kind to be used by a Tunisian Municipality. It will serve the municipality’s daily trips/rides and operational purposes.

MINARET will also provide a fully Renewable Energy-Powered Station to charge the electric car once or twice a day, knowing that this would be sufficient for 150-300 km driving.

The charging station will be equipped within the municipality building to be fully green and powered by 10-20 kWp off-grid PV system with storage.

50 tons of CO2 emissions will be reduced.

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks for use the Olympic Stadium in municipal gardens and farmers in Monastir, Tunisia

This project will oversee the excavation of a well and installation of a tank in it with a capacity of almost 750 m3, for the purpose of rainfall collection. In the Monastir municipality, a local soccer stadium roof contains a rain catchment system that is not utilized in any manner, and currently releases collected water onto the streets eventually reaching the ocean. The tank will be filled using rainwater at least twice a year.

The municipality currently waters the stadium lawn with clean potable water, costing it around $2000 a month for a total of $24,000 a year. The intervention will install a solar water pump at the tank to pump the collected rainwater to the stadium, saving $24,000 a year for the municipality for a system payback period of 2 years. Using the monthly savings, the municipality will begin applying the same project in other areas and facilities in Monastir, among them a large swimming pool that uses a large amount of water resources.