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Pilot Projects in Greater Karak Municipality

Decorative Plant Nursery in Lajoun Area in Al-Karak, Jordan

MINARET Project created the plant nursery on municipality land, and will install a solar water pump and a solar farm to power it.

The project aims to utilize a stream produced by a water treatment plant to irrigate decorative plants by pumping the water using solar power. This is an addition to the existing solar farm in the area that will provide the energy for all other purposes.

Greater Karak Municipality currently spends $120,000-$150,000 a year on roadside plants for the purpose of minimizing and preventing erosion. The project will be profitable when the municipality starts producing its own plants, saving around 50% of the annual budget allocated for this purpose.

The new income will be a driving factor for the creation of jobs, while the income will be used to fund other Nexus projects to be implemented by the local development unit within the municipality. The project will also assist in restoring Al-Karak’s ecosystem through the regrowth and spread of plant species native to the area.