Pilot projects are required to demonstrate benefits and added value of the NEXUS approach.

This is the great opportunity for MINARET project: to develop and implement convincing pilot projects (“seeing is believing”), which trigger a broader NEXUS implementation and NEXUS governance and eventually a transformation towards a green economy.

For a pilot project to become scalable and replicable, benefits and co-benefits must be quantified and communicated properly. It must be communicated horizontally with others for the purpose of replicating it and vertically for the purpose of making the necessary policy changes / incentives to expand and scale it. Therefore, to be successful, we must:

The demonstration projects will:

  • Respond to actual needs on a municipality level
  • Result in improved livelihoods that can be sustained on the long-term.
  • Buy-in of municipality & community to maintain Projects post MINARET Phase 1
  • Address & maximize the role of municipalities in the region & their challenges.
  • Respond to national & regional needs to be scalable & replicable

To simplify the model and break it into the clear phases which need to happen for municipalities to activate their role in applying NEXUS for their benefit, the benefit of the community and for the benefit of the country, the model can be broken into the following key phases:


Customizing NEXUS Approach for Municipalities in MINARET Project


• Finalize Baseline

• Role of municipalities in region

• Case Study on best practices

• Framework of regional players

Stakeholder Engagement, Value Chain Mapping & Selection

• Municipality Task Forces

• Green Procurement Manual

• Project value chain map

• Project Capacity Development, Implementation & Monitoring Plans

Projects’ Implementation

• Pilot Project implementation

• Socio-economic implementation

• Customized municipality NEXUS services

• Visual Representation of Pilot & Socio-economic Projects

Capacity Building

• Capacity building delivery

• On-the-job training

• Annual Learning Workshops

Communication & Networking

• Communication baseline and action plans

• Website & platform activation

• Content creation, curation & sharing

• Stakeholders engagement & exchange of knowledge online & through exchange visits

Model Scalability: SECAP Action Plans

SECAP plans for 3 municipalities created and/or updated

Model Scalability: Access to Finance

• Fund Creation

• Partnerships with Private Sector & Community Initiated

• Investment and service projects led by municipality with Public & Private sector and Community

Model Scalability: Advocacy

• White Papers

• Position Papers

• Partnerships for Projects

Model Scalability: Knowledge Dissemination

• Regional Conference & Final Event

• Presentations on MINARET in Regional & International Forums & Events

Model Scalability: NEXUS Manual

NEXUS Manual documenting knowhow (lessons learned, steps, how-to) of the aforementioned approach

Gender Mainstreaming

Development & implementation of gender-mainstreaming strategic action plan in 3 Project municipalities.

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