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NEXUS Model (Table)

Customizing NEXUS Approach for Municipalities in MINARET Project


• Finalize Baseline

• Role of municipalities in region

• Case Study on best practices

• Framework of regional players

Stakeholder Engagement, Value Chain Mapping & Selection

• Municipality Task Forces

• Green Procurement Manual

• Project value chain map

• Project Capacity Development, Implementation & Monitoring Plans

Projects’ Implementation

• Pilot Project implementation

• Socio-economic implementation

• Customized municipality NEXUS services

• Visual Representation of Pilot & Socio-economic Projects

Capacity Building

• Capacity building delivery

• On-the-job training

• Annual Learning Workshops

Communication & Networking

• Communication baseline and action plans

• Website & platform activation

• Content creation, curation & sharing

• Stakeholders engagement & exchange of knowledge online & through exchange visits

Model Scalability: SECAP Action Plans

SECAP plans for 3 municipalities created and/or updated

Model Scalability: Access to Finance

• Fund Creation

• Partnerships with Private Sector & Community Initiated

• Investment and service projects led by municipality with Public & Private sector and Community

Model Scalability: Advocacy

• White Papers

• Position Papers

• Partnerships for Projects

Model Scalability: Knowledge Dissemination

• Regional Conference & Final Event

• Presentations on MINARET in Regional & International Forums & Events

Model Scalability: NEXUS Manual

NEXUS Manual documenting knowhow (lessons learned, steps, how-to) of the aforementioned approach

Gender Mainstreaming

Development & implementation of gender-mainstreaming strategic action plan in 3 Project municipalities.