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MINARET Team Visit to Semqanieh Municipality, Lebanon

May 15, 2022

Under the framework of MINARET II project, the Royal scientific society (RSS) / National Energy Research Center (NERC) conducted a field visit to As-Semqanieh municipality in Lebanon in the period 15th – 19th May 2022. The main objective of the visit was to collect the required data from the relevant authorities and facilities to develop the baseline report, and conduct technical meetings with the main focal points of the municipality to discuss the current and planned projects in the fields of water, energy and environment sectors.

RSS/NERC team conducted a meeting with As-Semqanieh municipality’s staff and presented project objectives, work plan of the project and the timeframe of all activities. They also met with the technical team to clarify the nature of the requested data and agree on the methodology of collecting these data from the relevant authorities and governmental institutions.

They also conducted site visits to three industrial facilities in the municipality: Animal feed factory, Aluminum processing factory, Cement factory to identify the energy patterns in these factories. They also visited a governmental school and two private schools, hospital and local clinic, commercial complex, residential apartments and a national center for development and rehabilitation in order to identify the main energy consumers and discuss the recommended energy saving measures to be implemented in these facilities.

They also discussed the transportation and solid waste provided data.

Last but not least, MINARET team visited Jdaidet Al Chouf municipality to view the implemented projects in the fields of energy & water, which were done in MINARET I.

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