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Launching of Revolving Fund in Jdaideh on 30 October 2020

Oct 30, 2020

The “Village Small Loan Program” was launched in Jdeideh Municipality in the presence of The Baqaata Women’s Organization, municipality members, the Shouf Biosphere Reserve team members and media.

The aim of this meeting was to inform the community of Jdeideh about this new initiative, managed by The Baqaata Women’s Organization, and provide them with the brochure and documents needed in the application process that will be effective as beginning of next year.

The revolving fund for The Baqaata Women’s Organization (BWO), has been financed by the savings generated through MINARET’s intervention when solar panels were installed to reduce diesel costs for the organization.

The revolving fund aims is to provide relaxed loans to individuals who want to invest in eco-friendly technologies in their homes such as solar panels, solar water heaters and energy efficient LED light bulbs.


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