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Horizons For Green Development

Horizons for Green Development (HFGD) is a Jordanian non-profit organization established in 2014 committed to empowering communities through sustainable development. As climate change heavily impacts our natural resources our mission is to contribute to alleviating water shortages, increased use of renewable energy and energy efficiency and improved food securities.

Close interaction with vulnerable societies helps us understand needs and gaps to better serve citizens. Civic engagement, initiating dialogue, strengthening capacities, income generating interventions, awareness and introduction of innovative solutions are jointly mobilized to act as change agents and improve thousands of lives. Advocacy and lobbying for improved national legislation and policies are also inextricably incorporated throughout our programs through the close interaction with decision makers at central and local levels.

Our policies include safeguarding, gender mainstreaming, anti-corruption, transparency, CRM, and whistle-blowing.

Horizons works in Jordan and in Tunisia