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Eco-Tourism training for Mumia

Oct 25, 2020

25-26 October 2020

The training targeted community-based organizations, NGOs, and MINARET stakeholders that work or are tied to the eco-tourism or environmental sector. The training involved introduction to practical strategies and policies governing tourism on a broad level and eco-tourism more specifically.

The 2-days training covered the following topics:

  • The concept of responsible and sustainable eco-tourism,
  • The economic impact of ecotourism,
  • The environment, pollution and ecosystem biodiversity,
  • Raising tourists’ awareness on environmental protection, strategies & policies
  • Serving the needs of tourists and visitors, and cultural communication
  • Eco-reserves
  • Case studies and success stories from Jordan and beyond
  • Asset mapping of Karak
  • Identifying sustainable tourism potential of Karak

Training Results

The training was very well received with excellent participation from all present representatives. The first day of the training was lecture oriented and included presenting and introducing ecotourism and sustainable tourism concepts. Four case studies were then presented from Cambodia, Thailand, and two from Jordan that highlight poor tourism practices related to nature conservation and community engagement, as well as best practice as it relates to Jordan. Various interpretation techniques and tools were also presented to bring the story of the place to the forefront. Mapping exercises of asset inventories in the area was a good way to bring focus and attention to existing potential for development. Mapping of various stakeholders, their role and mandate was successful in bringing clarity to the role of the participants and identifying the opportunity in the area under their jurisdiction.

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