Capacity Building

MINARET capacity building plan is made to respond to all of the constraints and needs identified in the needs assessment, and comply with the following areas of functions:

  1. Technical capacity in project management and WEF approach
  2. Functional capacity in planning, financial management and in administration and public procurement

The content will include on-line training tools, such as e-learning on the NEXUS strategies and processes using available training modules, as well as live training sessions.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Strategic Objective 1 (individual dimension, competencies/skills)

Strengthen technical competencies of stakeholders involved in the strategic implementation, monitoring and evaluation of MINARET activities.

  • Strategic Objective 2 (Municipal level)

Strengthening multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder coordination at the local and regional levels for an effective implementation of MINARET.

  • Strategic Objective 3 (Enabling environment dimension)

Improve the knowledge sharing and resource mobilization framework at all municipal levels of MINARET project.

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