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Ajloun Municipality

Ajloun Governorate is situated at the northwestern corner, in reference to the Capital Amman, and 76 km far from it. Its boundaries extend to Irbid Governorate to the north and west (Jordan Ghour region), which is 32 km far from, Jerash Governorate to the east, which is 25 km far from, and Balqa Governorate to the south, which is 72 km far from. Ajloun Governorate consists of two counties, two districts, and five municipalities.

Governorate’s population is (176080) inhabitants. Governorate’s area: (419.6 km2). Population density: (419.6) inhabitants per square kilometer.

Governorate’s Relative Features:          

Ajloun Governorate is considered a connection point between Greater Syria and the Mediterranean coast, and a strategic region between the lands of the Euphrates and the land of the Nile.